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Baglamukhi Kavach

     First of all we should know the meaning of kavacha. We can take a little bit hint from the warriors of ancient time as well as modern defense forces. Where a warrior wears a body armor to protect himself from a number of lethal weapon in ancient times as well as in modern times. but this is a clue which imprints a solid picture in our mind to have a solid understanding of What the divine armor or kavacha would be. In the given example we have seen the armor which defense personal wear, protect them from weapon of their enemy. But when divine armor come its importance to protect the wearer of divine armor increase Manifold. Where worldly armor can protect the wearer from certain types of attack by his enemy outwardly, but there is no scope for inward protection.

     Now we should understand the scientific nature of a divine armor. I assume you all have the understanding of aura -which is a truth according to modern science because we can see it with the help of kirlian photography. After scanning the aura we can Know the status of a particular person. I.e. health, power to attract somebody, mental status as well as spiritual status and pattern of negative or positive energy emission etc. Then question comes what aura does? Simply this is manifestation of divine energy armor or daivik kavacha. The stronger the aura the stronger capacity one has to fight with any type of enemy i.e. Illness, negative thought pattern, negative psychic attack, miserable living condition and list go unending. This divine Energy armor is given to all living and non living being on the basis of cause and effect of karma.

     But we should not worry about our weaker defense shield, because with the consent and grace from goddess baglamukhi we can Make it as strong as of the ancient time's Rishis. In above mentioned line i have said with the consent and grace from goddess baglamukhi because we are really unable and it is quite impossible to make baglamukhi defense shield stronger. I Don’t need to prove it you; yourself may have seen many people losing battle of life without even listening the word baglamukhi let alone the meaning of it or meaning of baglamukhi kavacha. Also i have a strong faith that I have written this piece of writing and you are reading it because goddess planed as it is. Is it possible to belive that without the grace of devine mother any devine helper like R.N. Sharma come to help any individual and give holy initiation of kavacha or give kavacha itself.So don't worry have faith in goddess baglamukhi try to improve devine shield.

     Further,In modern socity and lifestyle we simply can't hope that people would be able to do Kavach Sadhna as minutely as the anicients would have been able to perform. So,keeping wider picture in prespective and after getting grace and consent from goddess baglamukhi, Mr. R.N. Sharma got the ability to Make powerful kavacha to help comman man.

"Siddha Maa Baglamukhi Kavach" Contribution Amount for within India Rs 5300/= +postage

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